Locating a Claims Agent

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) certifies representatives to help veterans and their families through complicated VA claims. These claims agents provide a free service that maximizes the likelihood of a VA claim approval.

Veterans who have been injured by asbestos while in military service may be eligible for benefits that include disability compensation and health care. Veterans who want the most out of their claims should look to a claims agent, also called a claims representative, for assistance.

Our VA accredited claims agents understand the difficulties that come with filing a VA claim. They have helped scores of veterans file successful claims. If you are a U.S. military veteran or a family member, contact us today for fast access to a claims agent who will help usher through your case with speed and accuracy.

What is the Role of a Claims Agent?

Claims agents are designated and trained to provide assistance with VA claims. A majority of claims agents are also veterans. Since their services are free, their only interest is in providing assistance to help fellow veterans.

To become a VA-accredited representative, aspiring claims agents must go through a formal application process and rigorous training through the VA’s Office of General Counsel (OGC). After an extensive background check, agent hopefuls take a test that demonstrates proficient knowledge of VA benefits law and procedures in topics that include basic eligibility for VA benefits, rights in appeal and disability compensation.

Once accredited, claims agents can go before the VA to legally represent veterans, active-duty service members, dependents and survivors. All claims agents are required to maintain accreditation by taking annual continuing education classes.

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How Claims Agents Help

Qualified claims agents have helped scores of claimants. These agents have in-depth knowledge of a variety of VA issues, so they understand the process of VA claims and approval.

VA claims representatives not only help claimants gather the necessary documents to support a mesothelioma or asbestos-cancer claim, but they also help veterans write exposure summaries that describe the details of exposure.

Claims assistance is important for veterans who have served in any branch of the military, particularly U.S. Navy veterans. About 30 percent of all U.S. veterans are asbestos victims. A majority of those are U.S. Navy veterans.


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Exposure Summary FAQ’s

Claims agents are trained to help veterans answer important questions about military service that will connect service to asbestos contact. Some of the questions include the following:

  • Where did you serve, even for short periods of time? Did you ever help in building demolition? Where you working near construction sites, welding or torch work?
  • Did you work as an undesignated seaman? Did you help assemble ships or did you work near asbestos-cover pipes or electrical wires?
  • Did you work in the boiler room, ammunition room, mess halls or the engine room?
  • Did you work to rehab a ship, including removing aging paint or insulation?
  • Where you in a battle zone where there was building debris or damaged buildings?

Claims agents know the questions to ask that will jog memories and uncover details that are helpful to a claim.

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Why Use a VA Claims Agent

Veterans who use a claims agent to process a mesothelioma claim are more likely to be successful. Claims agents are typically successful in obtaining the following benefits for injured veterans and their families:

  • Monthly financial support payments
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Education benefits
  • Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E)
  • Home loans
  • Pension benefits
  • Burial benefits

The VA has established non-adversarial rules to ensure veterans have fast access to services. At the same time, the red tape that comes with filing for a claim can be daunting.

Claims agents are skilled in moving past the confusing paperwork and VA errors to make the claims process run smoothly and expediently.

What do I need for a VA claim?

Before a claim is filed, veterans are asked to complete documents that prove service and illness. The VA is interested in determining how the illness is related to service. There must be a link between the asbestos exposure and the time served. The process of a claim can take a long time. The following documentation is necessary for a successful claim:

VA Forms to be Completed

  • Application for disability compensation and related compensation benefits – VA form 21-526ez
  • Declaration of status of dependents (if applicable) – VA form 21-686c

VA, Medical and Personal Documentation

  • Discharge paperwork – VA form DD-214
  • Copies of medical records (both in service and civilian) or a signed medical waiver allowing the VA to collect the records – VA form 21-4142
  • Copy of marriage certificate or license
  • Divorce or widow documentation

Exposure Summary

  • A detailed statement that outlines the where, when, why and how of military asbestos exposure and the link to mesothelioma or asbestos cancer.

Traditionally, claims follow a gradual process that includes VA caseworkers combing through information for accuracy. Some veterans are eligible for a Fully Developed Claim, which can be a faster path to benefits and compensation.

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