Mesothelioma VA Benefits

Veterans make up the largest group of mesothelioma victims because asbestos was a key component in military vessels, machinery, automobiles and construction for most of the 20th century. The mineral provided inexpensive and unparalleled fire, chemical and heat resistance. Despite numerous studies that proved the dangers of asbestos exposure, military leaders continued to use it, putting countless military personnel and their families in danger. The VA recognizes asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma.

Many veterans are entitled to VA benefits that include life insurance, medical care and injury compensation. To be eligible for mesothelioma compensation, veterans must have been diagnosed with the disease by a physician, have the appropriate medical documentation and must not have been dishonorably discharged.

Veterans are also eligible for compensation through asbestos trusts, which were created as a result of corporate negligence. In some cases, veterans are eligible for compensation through both VA and asbestos trusts. Veterans are encouraged to contact our Patient Advocates for more information about financial restitution.

Filing a VA Claim

The process for filing a VA claim is as follows:

  • An asbestos-exposure summary, along with supporting medical documents including biopsy reports, is filed.
  • The VA reviews the documentation.
  • In some cases, patients undergo a physical examination. This step is often skilled with the help of a claims agent.
  • The VA renders a decision. This includes determining the level of asbestos exposure during military service compared to work as a civilian.
  • If the decision is favorable, the veteran receives a back-pay check for the period between a claims submission and approval. Disability checks are distributed on the first day of each month.
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How We Can Help

Many veterans avoid making VA and asbestos trust claims because they are complicated and labor intensive. With VA claims, just one mistake and the paperwork is returned to start again. Most veterans who are battling asbestos-related cancer do not have the time to deal with the necessary documentation for a claim.

Our VA-accredited claims and evidence specialists have streamlined the process for all types of claims. Our on-staff VA professionals help veterans better understand the necessary paperwork. This includes assistance for writing an exposure fact report that details military asbestos exposure in contrast to possible civilian exposure. Our Patient Advocates also assist in gathering all the necessary documentation for trust fund applications.


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VA Healthcare System

Decades ago, the VA Healthcare System was fraught with problems, from crumbling infrastructure to incompetent physicians. Today, the system houses some of the best mesothelioma specialists worldwide. This includes Dr. Avi Lebenthal and Dr. Robert Cameron, who are known for their innovative work in asbestos-disease care.

Any veteran in the VA Healthcare System can see either of these doctors for the same cost as going to their local VA hospital. If the veteran can get a referral to see either of these doctors, the VA will also pay for the associated travel costs.

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