Over $30 Billion Dollars is available in Asbestos Trust Funds for Mesothelioma Victims.

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Mesothelioma Fund

Financial Assistance for Mesothelioma

Our goal is serve as a guide to our visitors, be they injured parties or loved ones, on the essential matters that need to be addressed when making a claim against one or more of the asbestos trust funds. In addition to the information contained within this site we encourage our visitors to request further information on top doctors and cancer centers by requesting our free mesothelioma packet. For those visitors that have unique situations that are not fully addressed by this site and our written material, we recommend contacting one of our highly qualified patient advocates. Patient advocates can be reached by phone, live chat, or email. Contact us now to see if you qualify for compensation from an asbestos trust fund.

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Financial Assistance

Patients and family members can find financial relief from the negligent companies that are responsible for their injuries. Learn more about medical expenses that can be covered through grants and assistance programs.

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Improving Prognosis

Seeking treatment from a cancer specialist is the best way to improve your chances of survival. We offer mesothelioma patients and their families ways to improve their prognosis and life expectancy.

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Treatment Options

We offer up-to-date information on treatment options from the top doctors & cancer centers in the United States. We also provide patients and their families with the latest information on active clinical trials.

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VA Benefits & Claims

The Veteran Assistance Network can help veterans gain access to specialized health-care services and disability compensation. Learn more about your VA benefits, and how to file a VA claim.

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Veterans and Mesothelioma

Veterans exposed to asbestos are entitled to compensation

Of the many occupations that put workers in danger of developing mesothelioma, military veterans face the highest risk. That’s because asbestos was used so frequently in so many military applications that it’s nearly impossible to avoid contact with this dangerous mineral.

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Of all of the military veterans who are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year, Navy veterans are among the highest at risk. That’s because asbestos was extensively used in all aspects of Navy life.

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Army veterans who spent any amount of time inside military vehicles, military sleeping quarters or any sort of military building run a high risk of developing mesothelioma, a disease that’s primarily caused by asbestos exposure.

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Learn more about Navy Veterans

Air Force

Even though the Air Force has been making moves to eliminate asbestos usage and enforce guidelines for asbestos abatement, it’s hard to erase decades of asbestos use.

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Learn more about Navy Veterans


United States Marines are regarded as the toughest members of the armed forces, but they are just as susceptible to the dangers of asbestos as all other military veterans.

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